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Home » Religion » The 100th Gaden Tripa with controversial Master Loo Sheng-yan together in Kurukule Puja

Master Loo Sheng-yan is a controversial monk based in USA originally from Taiwan. He openly claims he is an enlightened Buddha, that he had tea with Shakyamuni, and many other controversial statements.

The 100th Gaden Tripa Lobsang Nyima was from Drepung Loseling. This Tripa openly discouraged and criticized Dorje Shugden s practice. He was not very popular also as he openly criticized kyabje Pabongka and in certain interviews mentions he doesnt know if Pabongka was beneficial to the Buddhadharma or not. He passed away in 2009.

Here he was seen sitting on throne next to Master Loo in Master Loo’s Kurukule Puja.

This Tripa is said to have received monetary help and assistance from Master Loo.

His throne is not in the center and at the same level as master loos which itself is not a good representation for Gaden Tripas status and office.

Many people would say that this Tripa was not holding his prestige and office well.

Although doing this and it is on the youtube, the Tibetan Govt keeps quiet. Loseling Monastery is completely silent. No one is reprimanded because this Tripa toe the line with Tibetan Govts policy of anti Shugden.

It is not the interest of this website to highlight this Tripa and his actions in a bad light, but you can judge for yourself.

If you follow the Tibetan govts policies, you are supported no matter what you do. If it is embarrassing, it is hushed up.

The previous (100th) Ganden Tripa, Lobsang Nyingma Rinpoche, stated: “If it [Shugden] were a real protector, it should protect the people. There may not be any protector such as this, which needs to be protected by the people. Is it proper to disturb the peace and harmony by causing conflicts, unleashing terror and shooting demeanous words in order to please the Dharmapala? Does this fulfill the wishes of our great masters? Try to analyze and contemplate on the teachings that had been taught in the Lamrim [stages of path], Lojong [training of mind] and other scriptural texts. Does devoting time in framing detrimental plots and committing degrading act, which seems no different from the act of attacking monasteries wielding swords and spears and draining the holy robes of the Buddha with blood, fulfill the wishes of our great masters?”[100]


The Mahayana teachings advocate an altruistic attitude of sacrificing few for the sake of many. Thus why is it not possible for one, who acclaims oneself to be a Mahayana, to stop worshipping these dubious gods and deities for the sake and benefit of the Tibetans in whole and for the well-being of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In the Vinaya [Buddhist code of discipline], it is held that since a controversial issue is settled by picking the mandatory twig by “accepting the voice of many by the few” the resolution should be accepted by all. As it has been supported by ninety five percent it would be wise and advisable for the rest five percent to stop worshipping the deity keeping in mind that there exists provisions such as the four Severe Punishments [Nan tur bzhi], the seven Expulsions [Gnas dbyung bdun] and the four Convictions [Grangs gzhug bzhi] in the Vinaya [Code of Discipline].[100]

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