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Home » Religion » Sharmar Rinpoche walking out

In 1983 Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche gave complete empowerments of the Rinchen Terzod (Treasure of Jamgon Kongtrul) to the Kagyu Gyalwa Yabsay and many other Rinpoches, lamas, monks and lay people at Sonada, Darjeeling. Sharmar Rinpoche also attended this ceremony but this website ( says the following about Shamar Rinpoche:

“He does not do a lot for his public image. He is a straight character, with high integrity, not caring about pleasing anyone. He is simple and dislikes all the pomp due to his rank. Few know him in the tibetan world, because his lineage was banned by the Dalaï Lama for two centuries. Older generations did not know him and he does not try to patch this over. When he dislikes something, he walks away. In 1983, during the now famous Rinchen Terzö initiation, he suddenly leaves the ongoing ceremony without a single word of explanation to the public. The many persons attending the ceremonies have no idea of his real motives for this hasty departure, and will indulge in fancy explanations. Most of them are Kalu Rinpoche’s devotees. They see this as a lack of respect towards their master who gives the initiation and see Shamar Rinpoche as an angry and unsociable character. This opinion matters, for Kalu Rinpoche’s followers, upon the 1992 clash, will naturally trust Situ Rinpoche more.”

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